Wednesday, June 27, 2012

School holidays are nearly upon us. Caitlin finishes school this Friday for the start of the 10 week long summer vacation!
She will then return to school 7 years old and a 1st year Junior! where does the time go?

Just a funny picture attached of Caitlin taking a bath in a tub at Laura and Marks house, after kayaking in the river!!

Also went on a brilliant mini retreat this week run by Eva of the Kalyana Centre for mindful ness in Dingle!
I throughly enjoyed my day and came away - aware (as Eva said) we all talk too much - allow some silence into your life! as we  never actually listen to nature, go for a walk in silence and see just how enjoyable it is!!
I'd recommend this day to anyone of any age and gender who wants to learn meditation skills an how to stop the chatter going on in our heads.

Rachel had a great time in Turkey. She went to Side a very historical part of the country with Roman ruins galore! The weather was a balmy 28 degrees every day but we did have one thunder and lightening storm which was interesting as we were walking back to the apartment when the heavens opened, and if you have evert been to Turkey the rain drop are huge!! within in minutes we were soaked - but hey it didn't matter it was still 28 degrees!!
Rachel came back to a great welcome home from Caitlin, Lilly, Cats and Ducks. It was lovely to be back in Ireland but a bit shocking at 10 degrees brrrrrr.
The bookings for the B&B this year are going really well especially bookings from Air B&B!.
The kerry Camino is due to open next month which is a historical walk along the Dingle Way in the foot steps of St Brendan. The local walking companies are very excited about this venture as am I.
Below a snap shot of Side harbor, and me in the ancient theatre.