Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Birthday Girl

Phew, what a couple of weeks! It was Caitlins birthday last week, and despite a few showers in the morning, the skies cleared and all the kids who came round for her birthday party could run around outside. Of course, she was spoilt rotten! Many thanks to everyone who came and for all the presents, and especially to Tracey who helped out so much with all the work in the kitchen! She was also treated to a day out shopping with her Auntie Corinne, so came home with all sorts of sparkly clothes and shoes - delighted, of course! You'll probably see that her two front teeth are now gone, and she managed to swallow them both!

It was all go at the Dingle Aquarium yesterday, with Today FM's Ray D'Arcy visiting Dingle, and Suzanne and Katie starring on National radio, also the girls from the Seal Sanctuary. We then got a call from Suzanne saying that Humpback Whales had been spotted off of the Blasket Islands so we rushed down to Ventry for a boat trip out with Marine Eco Tours to see if we could spot them. It was a lovely evening for a boat trip, very calm ( although Rachel didn't think so - feeling a bit queasy!! ) and we had a load of Oceanworld staff on hand for expert advice, and Mike Sheeran and his crew to thank for a great trip. Luckily Rachels brother Alex, girlfriend Julie, and Corinne and Dan managed to get to come out as well. Unfortunately no whales to be seen this time, and we even bumped into Carsten who had come down from County Clare for the day hoping for a few nice shots. We did see loads of Puffins, Razorbills, Gannets, Guillimots and many other sea birds, then loads of seals, and a great show of Dolphins jumping and swimming around the boat. The views of the Blasket Islands are also fantastic. Caitlin also got to drive the boat for a while, I don't think she sat still for more than ten seconds for the whole trip -

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Having fun with mobile phones and laptops means that I could only post the latest picture to facebook The story is that my friend Gene asked for some help, and it turns out that four of us spent the day turning turf up on the mountain! The turf is cut and left to try, but is then turned to dry the other side. It's tough work ( and I escaped lightly as I only did one day of it! ) You have to do these things when you're in Ireland. We were up on the hills in Lougher and the views were spectacular - just near where Andy and I were snowboarding in the winter.
Apart from that it's been a busy few weeks: lots of lovely guests staying, and also busy helping out at Manna's Farm. It was great to see Lucy who was down from Kildare staying with Thomas and Claire for a few days, and to catch up on her GROW project - check out her blog! Lucy and Mairtin are doing great work with lots of the local schools....
The kittens are all racing around the place now, and seem to think it's fun to climb up your jeans and shirt then sit on your shoulder. All OK until you have shorts on....