Friday, June 17, 2011

New arrivals

It's been a week or two for the animals: our little cat, Smudge, is now the proud mum of four little kittens, and the dad is - yes - our other cat, Sparks! Anyway, all four are doing very well, and are a mix of black, white ( and shades of grey. ) Meanwhile, down on Manna's Farm, they now have a boar to keep their piggies happy. This lad is a pure Irish boar, and seems quite a character - I went down to feed them tonight and he almost snatched the sack of food out of my hands! If all goes according to plan we may well get a couple of piglets: they're great for turning the ground over, and as our field is getting a bit full of thistles and docks, it would be handy to get the beasts to work. We can then reseed with some nice grass and hopefully get Rachel and Corinnes horse up for a few weeks.

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