Sunday, May 15, 2011

It must be nice to be five years old! Caitlin has a busier social life than I do by far...Yesterday she had a party at Toby World in Tralee in the morning, then a birthday party for Padma in the afternoon, then we managed a quick walk on Cappagh Strand ( followed by the obligatory shedding of clothes and dip in the sea! ) and then it was over to Mark and Laura's for a barbeque ( thanks guys. ) Needless to say she was pretty tired by the end of all that.
I've added the latest forecast from Big Salty to the blog, so now you can see what's happening down the road in Brandon Bay for the next couple of days, the weather has been cooler but lovely in the sunshine - it was great for our guests Howard and Nicolien - really nice people!

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