Saturday, May 21, 2011

Everyone was happy yesterday as it was such a beautiful day - bright sunshine, and the sea was a fantastic turquoise colour ( although still not too warm! ) Caitlin has a new bodyboard, so was off on the beach with Padma and Jago, and reliably informed me later that she had been windsurfing on the rockpools...I managed to have a great windsurfing session ( not on the rockpools ) down at Fermoyle, some sweet waves, and really good to see Mark and Nathan, both ripping! Then a nice surprise - dinner at Mark and Laura's, delicious as ever, and Squinty was also round, having just returned from Oz. Happy Birthday to Squinty as well. Entertainment during dinner was provided by Squinty's little Jack Russell, Tinkerbell, playing with Mark and Laura's lambs: not as bad as it sounds, they all seemed pretty happy together.
No signs of any kittens yet, but I have never known such a small cat to have such a big appetite...

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