Sunday, May 29, 2011

Eco village

Rachel had a good trip to the Eco Village at Cloughjordan in County Tipperary yesterday with some of the people from the Tralee Transition Towns group. They have a great setup there with hot water provided by a central system of solar panels ( just a few of them are shown in the picture ) and heat via a wood pellet burner. They also have allotments, cows and pigs - very inspiring!

Saturday night was at Foleys in Inch for Colins birthday party: great atmosphere and food with music from Colin, Maurice and friends. I also bumped into loads of people I hadn't seen in a while so it was nice to catch up. I even managed to remember a couple of websites worth looking at for Maurice's photography and Marks Gallery in Glenflesk.

After a few windy days ( some good windsurfing! ) the calm, fine weather is due to return this week hopefully it will finish ripening some of the strawberries!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Everyone was happy yesterday as it was such a beautiful day - bright sunshine, and the sea was a fantastic turquoise colour ( although still not too warm! ) Caitlin has a new bodyboard, so was off on the beach with Padma and Jago, and reliably informed me later that she had been windsurfing on the rockpools...I managed to have a great windsurfing session ( not on the rockpools ) down at Fermoyle, some sweet waves, and really good to see Mark and Nathan, both ripping! Then a nice surprise - dinner at Mark and Laura's, delicious as ever, and Squinty was also round, having just returned from Oz. Happy Birthday to Squinty as well. Entertainment during dinner was provided by Squinty's little Jack Russell, Tinkerbell, playing with Mark and Laura's lambs: not as bad as it sounds, they all seemed pretty happy together.
No signs of any kittens yet, but I have never known such a small cat to have such a big appetite...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

It must be nice to be five years old! Caitlin has a busier social life than I do by far...Yesterday she had a party at Toby World in Tralee in the morning, then a birthday party for Padma in the afternoon, then we managed a quick walk on Cappagh Strand ( followed by the obligatory shedding of clothes and dip in the sea! ) and then it was over to Mark and Laura's for a barbeque ( thanks guys. ) Needless to say she was pretty tired by the end of all that.
I've added the latest forecast from Big Salty to the blog, so now you can see what's happening down the road in Brandon Bay for the next couple of days, the weather has been cooler but lovely in the sunshine - it was great for our guests Howard and Nicolien - really nice people!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A good week again! The British Windsurfing Association have been around Brandon Bay for a wavesailing competition: the conditions weren't bad and there was some wind for them most days. Good to see Kathleen and Niall sponsoring the Ladies competition, and Niall taking second place in the Amateur contest. A good night was had down at Spillanes on the Maharees for the prize giving, and also great to have Brian from Windsurfer Mag to stay for a couple of days. I also got to meet Jamie from Big Salty who do a great wind forecast website - it turns out he lives in Tucton, Christchurch , about a minute from where we used to live!
On the gardening from we've had our very first asparagus from the garden - sorry no pictures as it disappeared to quickly! Also on the animal front, we have one very fat cat - it turns out that Smudge pregnant ( thanks to our other cat, Sparks we think! ) and we think they're due any day now. Updates soon....