Friday, April 29, 2011

Here's a nice picture of the guys before they headed back to Wuppertal....

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A good week was had by all! Dodo and her crew have had a great time - horse riding on the Maharees, fishing from Dingle, relaxing in the garden, sightseeing on the Slea Head drive and the Ring of Kerry, shopping in Tralee, a night at the Greyhound racing, walking by Anascaul Lake, eating out at Sammy's on Inch Beach, and paying a visit to the South Pole Inn ( and other local hostelries! ) I think there was a lot more besides......
One of the best bits for us was Lars showing off his skills as a chef, cooking the fish he caught, with a nice Ratatouille, and potatos with Rosemary - at least we could provide the salad! I'm sure Caitlin will be sad to see her young German friends go home, but we all hope they'll be back soon.

Friday, April 22, 2011

'Wow, suddenly we find Easter is upon us, so Happy Easter to everyone - as my friends little one put it, today is nice Friday, which sounds good. We have a house full for Easter, as Dodo, Jany, and Elias have returned from Wuppertal in Germany, and have brought Lars, Julian and Luisa as well - great to see them again! Caitlin is delighted as she has three friends to play with for the week.
This time of year is always busy around here, with a Kids Festival in Tralee, and Feile Na Bealtaine and the Pan Celtic Festival in Dingle, then there's the Kerry Bicycle Week, and a Comedy Festival as well.
Rachel has just started doing some work in Dingle Oceanworld, with a busy day today doing Easter Egg hunts and lots of visitors coming to see the new Penguin display. I'm just waiting to see her dressed in a Penguin suit....
At long last we've got round to painting the outside of the cottage so it looks much better, now I just need to finish putting the ends on the polytunnel ( at least the roof is there - it looks like the biggest cloche in the Ireland! )
Thanks to Phil and Clodagh for a great dinner tonight, and to organising an Easter Egg hunt at their place - I think the kids have overdosed on chocolate by now. Lastly good luck to Phil in his new role as Chef at the Junction Bar in Camp - think we'll be paying a visit at the weekend!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Well, this is very bad! Haven't been blogging for ages, I've been so busy with gardening jobs that I haven't have five minutes to think. The weather has been great for weeks so everyone has been asking me to do their stuff so our garden has taken a bit of a back seat - three polytunnels constructed so far. Anyway, we've managed to put the plastic back on our own polytunnel ( at long last ! ) and big thanks to Thomas and Claire for their assistance. I should also mention Sue, Babs, Ellen and Annette also lent a hand - they were staying for a few days so it was great to see them - we celebrated with a trip down to the Junction Bar in Lower Camp for their Sunday teatime trad session.
The ducks have also got into their stride with laying again, and down on Manna's farm the Geese are laying. Now, I'd never had a Goose egg before, so we had Omelette for lunch, and it was delicious! Fairly filling though....
Rachel had a quick peek at the new Penguins at Dingle Oceanworld the other day, official opening on the 15th, Caitlin can't wait to see them.
Most importantly, Happy Birthday to Laura!
Must try and keep up with this blogging.....