Monday, December 6, 2010

The other thing I forgot to mention from yesterday is that we picked up our new Bantam Cockerel yesterday. The photo is a bit blurred as he's turned out to be an elusive little beast, and kept running away every time I got near him. He also likes to have a bit of a wander as we found him in the field over the road, and spent twenty minutes trying to chase him back to our place! Luckily he seems to have settled a bit today and is keeping our other hen company.


Darcy and Andy said...

Our Bantam cockerel looks similar to yours. I can imagine you all chasing him around for 20 minutes. There have been days where I've run around the same tree for 20 minutes trying to catch my little guy. Fun!

P.S. I think we're doing the Dingle Way again in the next year or two!!!

Ian Mark Smith said...

It would be great to see you guys again, think you could teach us a few things about growing your own!

Darcy and Andy said...

I think you and Rachael are gardening light years ahead of us. :) I'm just a talented embellish-er. It will be fun to see you and swap techniques and ideas. Agreed!