Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last year the cold weather brought an invasion of Redwings, this year it's Fieldfares: they seem to be everywhere. Apparently they are often found around the Tundra, so that's pretty appropriate with the weather this year ( it's been hovering around -4 degrees centigrade today in spite of the sunshine. ) There are also loads of Snipe, and some Waxwings in Tralee. The bird feeder is attracting lots of Blue Tits, Great Tits, Coal Tits, Robins, Goldfinches, Pied Wagtails and Chaffinches - oh yes, and Sparks, the cat...Luckily the birds seem smarter than him, and the closest he has got is a small mouthful of tail feathers.

Thanks to Garry and Suzanne for a lovely get together yesterday, fantastic food as ever. They also popped up with Maisie and Edie today for a spot of sledging, and a walk over the mountain. Caitlin opened one of her Christmas presents early - a skiing jacket and trousers - she was delighted, and warm, so thanks to the Grandparents for that!

Where the water percolates through the peat bog, there is always a display of huge icicles, all formed around strands of grass and peat. The girls all think they are the best ice lollies!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Welcome again from the snowy mountains! The cold weather has returned, but unfortunately I haven't had a chance to get the old snowboard out ( yet! ) The cold weather doesn't seem to suit the ducks too much - they've stopped laying, and they look none too happy. Rachel had a laugh when putting them away tonight, as one took off into to the wind downhill and succeeded in flying over the hedge ( about 12 foot ! ) They were both most impressed with this feat....
I had to go to Dingle yesterday morning, with the road covered with a few inches of snow all the way. Dingle looked lovely surrounded by snow covered mountains, especially when the sun came out.

Now it's time to settle in front of the fire with a nice glass of mulled wine....

Monday, December 6, 2010

The other thing I forgot to mention from yesterday is that we picked up our new Bantam Cockerel yesterday. The photo is a bit blurred as he's turned out to be an elusive little beast, and kept running away every time I got near him. He also likes to have a bit of a wander as we found him in the field over the road, and spent twenty minutes trying to chase him back to our place! Luckily he seems to have settled a bit today and is keeping our other hen company.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

What started out as a quiet Sunday ended up being quite busy - a trip to Dingle Aquarium first, where we met Suzanne, Gary, Maisie and Edie. This was actually the first time I'd had a look around, and it's really good place to visit. The girls have been lots of times before, and love to see the sharks, although Caitlin wasn't too keen to hold one of the big Starfishes when we had a look at the Touch Tank! The Rays actually stick their heads out of the water and are quite happy for you to touch them.

We then had a walk around the Marina in the sunshine, and then on up to the opening of The Little Cheese Shop in Gray's Lane. There's a great selection of cheese including Maja's own local Dingle Peninsula cheeses, also Oliviers smoked meats and fish, and loads of other interesting delicacies: well worth a visit. Good luck in the new shop!