Monday, November 1, 2010

It seems that Halloween rolls around so quickly! It gets really busy with all the kids parties, so Caitlin has had a great time. We went off to Les and Paulines for another great Halloween bash, with Rachel dressed as a horny little devil, and me as a Druid/Pagan/Wizard/Shepherd - take your pick! Caitlin looks all sweet and angelic, dressed as a Princess next to her slightly odd parents....
It's been pretty wild and windy apart from the weekend and unfortunately the polytunnel has developed a large picture window! We were hoping the plastic would last for another month or so, but it's been on for about six years so I suppose that's pretty good. Rachel has now completed her Master Composters course so is now ready to unleash all that knowledge on the unsuspecting population of Camp. One very interesting fact from the course is that about one third of the material that goes into black bins nationally is organic waste - not good!

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