Saturday, November 27, 2010

Had a bit of a surprise this morning when we drew the blinds and found the mountains covered with snow! The weather turned out to be really bright and sunny, but with a cold wind, and Caitlin and I rushed out first thing to build a snowman - she couldn't wait to get out there. The mountains looked absolutely beautiful.
There was a good gathering of local windsurfers, family and friends at Gowlane later in the day to commemorate the passing of our good mate Fintan, who was so sadly lost last year. An engraved stone has been placed at Gowlane as it was his favorite place to sail, and friend Graham said a few heartfelt words. It will stand as a reminder of his passion and enthusiasm.
I then managed to do a little more work with David on their polytunnel, and had a brief look at some of his oil paintings of the local area: you can see some examples on his website - I must take some more time to take a closer look when I see him next.

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