Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rachel is now really back into the horseriding after the broken thumb - an hours lesson at the Equestrian Centre on Flame and she was buzzing!! The horse is very keen, and jumps well, so I don't think I'll be seeing Rachel quite as much now......Congratulations to Paidraig and Nicola on the arrival of Eddie as well.

Good fun this week down on Manna's Organic Farm: the pigs and chickens have been in the polytunnel that had tomatos in it, and what a fantastic job of digging the place they have done! It only took Tomas and I a few hours and the place was cleared of stones and roots, and we had new beds ready for planting winter lettuce. Great work by those animals! Unfortunately the big rip in our tunnel is even bigger now, so Rachel had a good clear out of anything left growing, and we'll have to re-cover it. Mind you, she did get about 25 bunches of grapes, so we could be preparing Moan Laur's first ever vintage....

One other snippet of news is that there may be a cycle track from Tralee to Dingle coming before too long, which will pass right by our door - will keep you posted.

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peacepyro said...

Hi Ian, it's Caroline. That's great news about the cycle track!

Delighted to hear Rachel is back horse jumping, u know what they say, u just can't keep a good thing down!