Sunday, November 28, 2010

After the excitement earlier this year of Snowboarding in Kerry, we really weren't expecting to get heavy snow for a good while....however....Andy phoned this morning to see if I was up for heading out, so we took his trusty Landrover to the top of the Conor Pass, and started to hike.
As you can see the weather was bright and sunny, but very cold, and the snow was actually pretty good - maybe 8 inches of fluffy powder at the top. There were fantastic views over Brandon Bay and Dingle, and we had the place to ourselves until late in the afternoon, when we saw a couple of hardy hikers. We managed a good few runs, and have our fingers crossed for a little more snow!
The Conor Pass road has signs up saying its closed, but with the help of four wheel drive we made it down - it did look pretty serious though....

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Had a bit of a surprise this morning when we drew the blinds and found the mountains covered with snow! The weather turned out to be really bright and sunny, but with a cold wind, and Caitlin and I rushed out first thing to build a snowman - she couldn't wait to get out there. The mountains looked absolutely beautiful.
There was a good gathering of local windsurfers, family and friends at Gowlane later in the day to commemorate the passing of our good mate Fintan, who was so sadly lost last year. An engraved stone has been placed at Gowlane as it was his favorite place to sail, and friend Graham said a few heartfelt words. It will stand as a reminder of his passion and enthusiasm.
I then managed to do a little more work with David on their polytunnel, and had a brief look at some of his oil paintings of the local area: you can see some examples on his website - I must take some more time to take a closer look when I see him next.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A good day today: I went to help David put up his new polytunnel, and ended up coming home with about eighteen Autumn Raspberry Canes, and twenty five Alpine Strawberry plants. Apparently the Raspberries are prolific, with fruit between August and the start of November ( actually there was one still trying to ripen and it tasted pretty good! ) They've been planted already....
Good luck to Phil Edwards who has just started as Chef at Ashes in Camp: a couple of guests went up this week and said the food was very good - we must get down there soon!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rachel is now really back into the horseriding after the broken thumb - an hours lesson at the Equestrian Centre on Flame and she was buzzing!! The horse is very keen, and jumps well, so I don't think I'll be seeing Rachel quite as much now......Congratulations to Paidraig and Nicola on the arrival of Eddie as well.

Good fun this week down on Manna's Organic Farm: the pigs and chickens have been in the polytunnel that had tomatos in it, and what a fantastic job of digging the place they have done! It only took Tomas and I a few hours and the place was cleared of stones and roots, and we had new beds ready for planting winter lettuce. Great work by those animals! Unfortunately the big rip in our tunnel is even bigger now, so Rachel had a good clear out of anything left growing, and we'll have to re-cover it. Mind you, she did get about 25 bunches of grapes, so we could be preparing Moan Laur's first ever vintage....

One other snippet of news is that there may be a cycle track from Tralee to Dingle coming before too long, which will pass right by our door - will keep you posted.

Monday, November 1, 2010

It seems that Halloween rolls around so quickly! It gets really busy with all the kids parties, so Caitlin has had a great time. We went off to Les and Paulines for another great Halloween bash, with Rachel dressed as a horny little devil, and me as a Druid/Pagan/Wizard/Shepherd - take your pick! Caitlin looks all sweet and angelic, dressed as a Princess next to her slightly odd parents....
It's been pretty wild and windy apart from the weekend and unfortunately the polytunnel has developed a large picture window! We were hoping the plastic would last for another month or so, but it's been on for about six years so I suppose that's pretty good. Rachel has now completed her Master Composters course so is now ready to unleash all that knowledge on the unsuspecting population of Camp. One very interesting fact from the course is that about one third of the material that goes into black bins nationally is organic waste - not good!