Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wow, there's been so much going on lately I haven't had a chance to catch up on the blog, so here goes!! We were all sad to see Markus and Kerstin leave, but they had a great stay, and the weather was good for them. We must go and see them in Idar Oberstein soon. The best B&B story for a while has to be from Laura and Tim from the US - Laura managed to walk nearly the whole way from Tralee on the Dingle Way with her boots held together with rubber bands and a hair band after the soles parted company with the top parts - well done!
The cats, Mackerel and Sparks, are doing well, and are now being let outside after having their shots, although Mac decided to go walkabout the night before last, and turned up at about ten in the morning, miaowing loudly and looking pretty bedraggled. He didn't go out last night....
The big news is that Rachel and Corinne have a horse, Flame, at the Tralee Equestrian Centre. This is on a trial basis for a month, but somehow I don't see them wanting to give her up! Even Caitlin had a little trip around the arena on her.
We've also had a few incidents with the wildlife round here, with a mink going after the chickens at Manna's farm ( now captured ! ) and then when I went round to see Liam and Eunice and their new bantams, the local Kestrel decided that one looked like lunch, and proceeded to swoop down and catch hold of the poor little fella! Luckily we managed to chase it off, and no harm was done - the joys of living in the country.

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