Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tsk, tsk, I've been very slack at updating the blog lately...We've had the big excitement of Caitlins 5th birthday: she had a great party with her best friends ( and ours as well! ) This does mean that school is looming in September, so a visit to the shops for school uniform was in order, she'slooking very grown up these days. She's also been enjoying horse riding lessons at the Equestrian Centre in Blennerville - could be an expensive pastime! We have acquired two kittens, Mackerel and Sparks, as our old cat, Samson, sadly went missing a few weeks ago. They are keeping everyone entertained, so far not too much of the house has been destroyed! We've also had a good number of walkers in doing the Dingle Way, it seems more popular this year than ever, especially with the Dutch - they're always good fun!

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