Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another good week with a couple of days helping on Manna's farm: now they have two sheepdogs and two fine piglets to add to the collection. They're going to breed the pigs, so we have our name down for a couple when they're ready ( next year probably. ) We'll have to get a house and fencing done for them, but plenty of time for that. We will also plant a few more trees in the field for shelter and shade. Thomas also gave us some wheat grass to try - apparently a good way of taking it is to juice a lemon first and swill that around first and then to take the grass. Rachels face was a picture, but she did have lots of energy for the rest of the day!
Managed to get a quick windsurf in on Friday at Dumps, light winds, and small waves but good to be on the water in the sun. Ryan's Juice bar on the beach is doing well, it all adds to the atmosphere. Had a lovely time yesterday with Rachel and Caitlin down on the beach at Scraggane at low tide, and then stopped by to visit Rob at his place overlooking the beach for a cuppa: it's a lovely spot looking out across the bay to the islands, and watching people come and go in their boats.

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