Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We've just returned from a fabulous long weekend in Plymouth for Rachels cousins Marks wedding to Sarah. This is the main thing Caitlin has been talking about for the last few weeks, she'd even stopped talking about her birthday! She had been bought a lovely dress and shoes, and insisted on having her hair in ringlets, just like her latest best friend, Leanne! Rachel looked lovely as well, as you can see in the photo. The wedding was at Kitley House near Yealmpton, and was a great setting: lovely grounds and 500 year old restored country house - the weather was absolutely perfect too. Mark and Sarah looked gorgeous, and everyone had a fantastic day, with a lot of us staying overnight - very relaxing. Caitlin shadowed Leanne everywhere, and was delighted to present the bride and groom with their wedding certificate. It was great to see all the family; Mike and Sue really looked after us, and we met up with great granny and grandad Doreen and Jim on Plymouth Hoe, where the Armed Forces Day was going on, and also bumped into Auntie Doreen and Uncle Reg - Caitlin even got to sit in the cab of a fire engine ( so now she wants to be a firefighter when she grows up. ) We took a short boat trip across the water, watched the powerboat races, and saw the flyby of a Spitfire. We'd flown into Luton and then hired a car: on the way home the temperature hit thirty degrees, and then we were greeted by rain when we got to Kerry Airport - lovely!! We really did need it, and it was quite a relief after sitting on the M25 ( ugh! )
The only bad news is that our lovely Rooster, Marley, has disappeared, leaving only a few black feathers in the field. Number one suspect is a fox, but we're still hoping that our hen that went missing is still sitting on some eggs somewhere.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A couple of cracking days here, beautiful Summer days without a cloud in the sky. Yesterday there were Northerly breezes, and with the clear skies it meant a good day for windsurfing at Inch - a great session with just Mark and one other guy, who we didn't recognise, for company. Lovely waves, sun and clear water ( although the broken mast took the edge off things a bit! ) Down to Camp Strand with the girls today, with hardly anyone there, and Caitlin and I even managed to persuade Rachel into the water, even if it was only up to her knees. The odd shower last week, followed by all the sun means we have lots of produce in the garden - strawberries, cabbage, spinach, cauliflowers, brocolli, and lettuce, with broad beans, peas, currants, and courgettes on their way.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another good week with a couple of days helping on Manna's farm: now they have two sheepdogs and two fine piglets to add to the collection. They're going to breed the pigs, so we have our name down for a couple when they're ready ( next year probably. ) We'll have to get a house and fencing done for them, but plenty of time for that. We will also plant a few more trees in the field for shelter and shade. Thomas also gave us some wheat grass to try - apparently a good way of taking it is to juice a lemon first and swill that around first and then to take the grass. Rachels face was a picture, but she did have lots of energy for the rest of the day!
Managed to get a quick windsurf in on Friday at Dumps, light winds, and small waves but good to be on the water in the sun. Ryan's Juice bar on the beach is doing well, it all adds to the atmosphere. Had a lovely time yesterday with Rachel and Caitlin down on the beach at Scraggane at low tide, and then stopped by to visit Rob at his place overlooking the beach for a cuppa: it's a lovely spot looking out across the bay to the islands, and watching people come and go in their boats.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Two surprises today - firstly nine duck eggs, so every duck, even old Billy, would seem to be laying, and then I walked into the polytunnel to find a young hare hopping around!! Not sure that will be good for the veggies....
Had a nice walk up the mountain to check on our water tank, lovely views all the way from Fenit and Kerry Head, along to the Maharees and down the valley towards Anascaul. The picture is another impressionistic one from my old mobile. There are some nice orchids up on the mountain, and even relics of trees from many years ago.