Saturday, May 22, 2010

After some welcome rain a couple of days ago it's now back to lovely weather: on Thursday evening at 7 pm it was around 23 degrees! The weather was also good for Padma's birthday barbeque on the beach - a great time was had by all, and Caitlin was delighted to win the pin the tail on the donkey competition! Happy birthday to Padma.
I was back helping out at Manna's farm this week, lots of planting done, and fun moving the goslings into their new run. This was a bit of a riot, but good fun, and they're happy out in the long grass and trees. Rachel is off on a charity hike up Caherconree in a minute, and then it's off to another beach BBQ tomorrow for Lydia's birthday. Happy days.

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Darcy and Andy said...

It's Andy and Darcy from '08! Cute goslings. Our visit with you inspired us to get our own poultry. We have five chickens now!!

We have not found a B and B as warm and hospitable as yours yet. Hoping to visit you all again soon!