Monday, May 24, 2010

Fair play to Rachel for climbing up Caherconree on Saturday! All for the kids with Battens disease as well. The views were amazing, from the Maharees to McGillicuddys Reeks, and our friend Pauline reckoned you could see all the way to Caragh Lake towards Killorglin. The weather was great too, and was perfect for Lydia's Birthday Barbeque on the beach. Caitlin was the last little one to go, and I think she would have happily stayed running around on the beach all night...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

After some welcome rain a couple of days ago it's now back to lovely weather: on Thursday evening at 7 pm it was around 23 degrees! The weather was also good for Padma's birthday barbeque on the beach - a great time was had by all, and Caitlin was delighted to win the pin the tail on the donkey competition! Happy birthday to Padma.
I was back helping out at Manna's farm this week, lots of planting done, and fun moving the goslings into their new run. This was a bit of a riot, but good fun, and they're happy out in the long grass and trees. Rachel is off on a charity hike up Caherconree in a minute, and then it's off to another beach BBQ tomorrow for Lydia's birthday. Happy days.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

At last I've managed to put Caitlins swing and slide set together - Molly came round the other day and the two of them spent the whole afternoon playing outside ( no mention of telly at all!! ) The picture is not the finished version, so its actually a bit bigger. Nice to have Graham and Shirley over for a few days, good weather for them as well, with nice trips out to Dingle, all around the peninsula and to Cork for the day. We also had a great meal down at Sammys on Inch beach last night - a really calm evening with beautiful views. Our rooster has settled in well, and has been named Marley, and talking of birds, we've also been helping out down at Manna's farm: great to see all the ducks and goslings being let out and enjoying the outdoor life. The gosling are real characters, not scared of you at all, and getting bigger every time you see them.