Sunday, March 21, 2010

Took a few pictures on a walk up the mountain today: they're a bit blurred as they were taken with my mobile, but it adds to the romantic nature of the scenes. There's another view down the valley and you can make out the house in the middle of the shot below that.

Although there is peat still being cut from the bog there is still plenty there, and the moss is actively growing. The new moss and heather is just starting to show through, and the stones were embedded in the peat.

The girls had a lovely walk along the beach a couple of days ago, gathering seaweed ( Nori - from a secret spot! ) and then another lovely afternoon on a beach near Brandon, now known as Chocolate beach, because Garry bought Maisie and Edie chocolate bars. As usual the girls all splashed around in the water with very few/no clothes on ( no, not Rachel! )
Some new trees were planted yesterday - a cherry, plum, apple and pear, so now I think we have enough - it does begin to resemble a small orchard on one side of the garden. We also had a nice visit to Huw and Emilie's to see new arrival Josh, who slept throughout our visit, of course. They also have a few chickens, and a fine cockerel: we spent some time talking about this and we think we may get one to keep our chickens happy, so watch this space.

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