Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I have a bit of catching up to do on the Blog, so here'a a bit of an update and some photo's. Caitlin was delighted to have a Pyjama Day at her preschool, all the kids seemed to enjoy it !

Then it was off to the beach - lovely and deserted!

Next came the crocodile outfit, thanks to Jago for the loan.

Now today we have had fun, because we have inherited Laura's tadpoles/frogs as they were starting to outgrow their jamjar, having grown to near maturity in a matter of days. This may have been due to Squinty's special Lamb and Lettuce leaf diet. This morning I was worried because it looked like one had escaped, but in fact he was near the top of the jar, ready in a bid for freedom. So, off to the pond this morning, where they are now happily swimming around.

The garden is looking good, with some nice Daffodils and Primroses out in the sun.

But, the last shot was taken just five minutes after the ones above it, and now its bright sunshine again - lovely County Kerry!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Took a few pictures on a walk up the mountain today: they're a bit blurred as they were taken with my mobile, but it adds to the romantic nature of the scenes. There's another view down the valley and you can make out the house in the middle of the shot below that.

Although there is peat still being cut from the bog there is still plenty there, and the moss is actively growing. The new moss and heather is just starting to show through, and the stones were embedded in the peat.

The girls had a lovely walk along the beach a couple of days ago, gathering seaweed ( Nori - from a secret spot! ) and then another lovely afternoon on a beach near Brandon, now known as Chocolate beach, because Garry bought Maisie and Edie chocolate bars. As usual the girls all splashed around in the water with very few/no clothes on ( no, not Rachel! )
Some new trees were planted yesterday - a cherry, plum, apple and pear, so now I think we have enough - it does begin to resemble a small orchard on one side of the garden. We also had a nice visit to Huw and Emilie's to see new arrival Josh, who slept throughout our visit, of course. They also have a few chickens, and a fine cockerel: we spent some time talking about this and we think we may get one to keep our chickens happy, so watch this space.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Phew, never a dull moment around here! Had a day over at Felix's place helping tidy up his willow plantation: he's given us a nice selection of different coloured willow cuttings and a big heap of rods for weaving - had better get busy....Had a look at some of his installations he did for the Electric Picnic, but forgot the camera, so will get some photo's next time I'm there. Also have had a few days on our friends farm helping with the cattle and some gardening to get things straight - a good days mucking out! Meanwhile Rachel was helping Thomas and Claire down in Gleann na nGealt with some planting, so everyone was very productive.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's strange but you would expect a reasonable spell of weather during the winter here, but it has been fabulous for weeks now! We had some rain during one night last week, and it's been clear and sunny with no rain for ages. It's given us the chance to really tidy the polytunnel, and the garden - hedges are all trimmed, grass mown, vegetable beds prepared and compost heaps turned! We've put a few more tadpoles in the small pond ( rescued from our friends jam jar, not not Laura...) and dug out a bit of a pond at the bottom of the field. Rachel and I even managed a run along Camp Strand, beautiful and deserted with the sea like a mill pond. Now we just need to paint the outside of the house......

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The good weather still continues, a little cool at night, but lovely and sunny during the day. The girls have been down to the Warren on the Maharees for a picnic with Suzanne and Laura and their respective gangs, and then off to Cappagh Strand the next day for more of the same! We've managed to get some time in the veg garden, so peas, onions, broad beans and potatos are in, and Swiss Chard, Spinach, Cabbages, Caulis, Pak Choi and Parsnips too! The hedges are trimmed ( almost ! ) and Primroses, Celandines and Crocuses are out in the garden, with Daffodils not far behind.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Nice to see some bookings coming through, and some familiar faces coming back to stay. It was lovely to see Peter and Martina from Clonakilty again, along with their friend Ute ( hope I spelt it right! ) Also Carsten stayed again, and brought us a copy of his latest book, The West of Ireland, which has some fantastic photography, and includes a few from Camp itself. He's revamped his website, so you can see a lot of his photography online - he's also doing photographic workshops, will have to send Rachel...
Beautiful warm weather today, just right as Rachels Dad managed to come and see us as he was over in Cork on business. He took the girls for a walk in Glannteenassig Forest and was really impressed with the scenery. We've just ordered all our seeds so need to get busy planting over the next few days!