Wednesday, December 30, 2009

As promised, a few more photos - the poor old ducks didn't cope too well with the snow: a lot of falling over...The snowman looked quite good, although some little creature decided to have one of his eyes ( Brocolli ) for dinner ! The Brodie bunch also came up to admire our handiwork, and escape from the rain and powercuts down the road in Fermoyle. Rachel managed to get this short clip of me snowboarding down our field - not exactly radical action, just a small jump off of snowman Mark One's head! At this rate we'll be setting up Moan Laur as a ski and snowboard chalet....

Firstly, many, many thanks to Mark, Laura, Jim and Carol for a magnificent Christmas dinner, and of course to Padma and Jago! We spent a great afternoon and early evening at the Brodies and had a lovely time. The weather had turned a little wet overnight, but it improved as the day went on, and we even had a walk along Fermoyle Strand around tea time - nice and clear by then. Caitlin was delighted with her new bike, and joined her friend Chloe, who also got one, for a ride along the lane to the beach. It may take a while until she can reach the brakes properly, so a bit of supervision is required!
Secondly, we've had more snow! It snowed all day yesterday, a little more overnight, and it's now snowing again. The pictures were taken at about 08:30 this morning, still a bit dark with the heavy clouds. The main road was very bad in the middle of the afternoon, but they even had a snowplough working, which I have never seen round here before. They carried on working through the night, and the road is now passable. More to follow!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Merry Christmas to all our family and friends! It looks like we may even be in for a white Christmas: today we still have some snow around, and it's a beautiful clear winters day. The forecast for Christmas Day is a little precipitation - will it be snow?
Here's another picture taken from the balcony.....

Monday, December 21, 2009

When people ask what the weather is like here in the winter we usually say that it's quite mild with the odd frost and occasional snow, BUT, the last few days have been really cold, with snow and ice. Yesterday and today there was a covering on the road and garden, and it was still around freezing point at 9:30: the drive was so icy we couldn't get the car out! At least it's been bright and sunny in between the snow showers. We had a walk on Camp Strand on Sunday afternoon, and were treated to sun, snow, and a rainbow on the beach. The ducks, chickens, and sheep are not too impressed with the snow and ice, but Caitlin is loving it!

Friday, December 18, 2009

A lovely evening last night - it was Peggys last night staying with us and the Carol Service was on in Camp, so she came with us to join in. It was a really nice service, and a load of the local children did a musical re-enactment of the Nativity story. We were then treated to Linda Fitzgerald ( a local lass who is in Irelands Got Talent no less! ) doing a solo of Silent Night in Gaelic: she has a beautiful voice. It was great having Peggy to stay, I think she must have brought some good weather with her, as it's been clear all week. This morning is really cold, with a hard frost, and some very confused ducks as their pond is frozen!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Some interesting sights over the last couple of nights: on Sunday it was really clear and you could see the Geminid showers in the night sky. There were quite a few to be seen, and you should be able to see them for a couple more nights. Then, on my way back from Inch Beach tonight I saw a huge Otter run across the road in front of me! I hadn't seen any around before, but friends had spotted them on the beach in Camp and also towards Fermoyle.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Great! The fine weather has returned, and its been bright and sunny for the last few days - just in time for Peggy and Judy who are staying for a few days. Last night was the famous Gortbrack Farm Christmas Party ( or was it infamous - I feel a little fuzzy today....) A brilliant evening held in the biggest of their cabins, with everyone providing food for dinner, and combined with birthday celebrations for Lucy, Cathy and Con - Happy Birthday to all of you! Today Caitlin wanted to have lunch outside, and though it was cool, it wasn't bad in the sunshine, as you can see. Then off for a walk on Inch beach, where we rescued a small starfish left on the sand as the tide went out.

Friday, December 11, 2009

We thought it was about time to put up the Christmas tree, and dug up one from the garden - I must admit it looked a bit smaller was the first time I had to stand on a stepladder to get the star on top. Anyway, it looks lovely, and its a good job we have high ceilings!