Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Caitlin is now completely Halloweened out! She had a party at preschool, followed by another one in the afternoon as she was in the creche ( with Rachel and I both busy ) and then off to Jess's party in the evening - Phil had decorated the house, shed and caravan, so everything looked very spooky, and had persuaded Pauline to dress up as a witch and scare all the kids! We all then went to Les and Paulines house for their annual Halloween party - this seems more popular than ever, with a great turn out and fantastic costumes. It also looks like Autumn ( or even Winter ) has arrived with a bang: there have been gale force winds for a couple of days, so I managed a quick windsurf at Fermoyle yesterday, and then at Shitties today. The wind had turned NNW, and the swell in Brandon Bay was huge. Jamie, Hugh, Niall, Rob and Caroline were out, and a couple of french guys, then Andy and Ryan on kites. The waves were well over mast high, with swell probably double mast high. The picture doesn't really show this too well, but when you got out the back, you realised the amount of water moving around. The weekend is forecast to have nine metre swell!!

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