Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Been a bit busy lately so I've been slow updating the blog! We've still been really lucky with the weather - there have been a couple of rainy days and a couple with showers, but generally its been nice and sunny, and mild: there's a nice shot of Inch last week just to prove it! There's still loads growing in the polytunnel and outside as well - tomatos, lettuce, turnips, courgettes, runner and Borlotti beans, chard, kale, pumpkins, and even grapes.
What has been a bit unusual is that there hasn't been much wind over the last few weeks: normally you'd expect gales around this time of year, and apart from a few days with southerlies ( not the greatest direction around here ) and one day where it was absolutely crazy, we've hardly had a thing, and I haven't windsurfed for a good while. BUT, the surfing has been good, although Rachel and Caitlin only caught Phil and I on camera on our way up the beach at Stradbally after our last session, so no actions shots.
The most important thing is that it was our eleventh wedding anniversary on Monday - this is apparently denoted by steel, so I bought Rachel a pasta machine ( romantic huh? ) and we had great fun making tagliatelle, with Caitlins help of course.
i took the rainbow picture on our way back from Dingle, and I'm still looking for that pot of gold....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Today was beautiful - sunny, clear and calm, and despite working with the electrician was still lucky enough to drive along to Cloghane from Camp and enjoy the fantastic views over Brandon Bay. Rachel and Caitlin were on the beach at Inch, and I went down after work for a surf. Inch has been the place to head for the last few days, with nice clean waves, and this evening was just fantastic, with wonderful views all around, and about fifteen out on the water, all enjoying the conditions - perfect!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I had to go down to Caherciveen yesterday, so along part of the Ring of Kerry. You get to look back over the water to the mountains behind us, and also towards Glenbeigh and Inch beaches. Another lovely day, with hardly any traffic, also very calm as you can see in the photo.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Still good weather here with only one morning of rain, fine and sunny apart from that ( oh, but today doesn't look great! ) Rachel and I had a drive out towards Fenit and sat on the seafront looking back at the mountains over the water, lovely. I've also had a couple of days working with John the electrician, and took a photo of the view over Castlemaine harbour from the mountain road heading out of Camp. We both reckoned the commute to work was worth it with views like that.

Friday, October 2, 2009

We've just returned from a great fews days in Spain, staying in Castelldefels, just south of Barcelona. This is where Caitlins cousins, Ellis and Jake live, with their dad, Martin and the lovely Vanessa. Caitlin had never met her cousins so there was great excitement all round. The weather was superb and we met up with everyone on our first evening: they have a nice apartment in Castelldefels, which is a lively town, with a nice atmosphere, based around a town square where everyone meets. We hadn't seen the guys since we left England so it was really lovely to catch up. The next day we took a trip to Barcelona to look at some of the sights: there is a magnificent Cathedral, where you can climb up to the roof and have a fantastic view of the city. There are also amazing ornate grottos throughout the Cathedral. We wandered through the old, narrow streets: it seems that every buiding is ornate and detailed. Caitlin wanted to go to the zoo, so we spent the afternoon there - the zoo is not huge, but really well laid out with plenty to see. We walked back via the Arc de Triomph, and by this stage Caitlin was so tired she fell asleep in my arms, despite being in the middle of rush hour Barcelona! The following day we cycled along the beach front at Castelldefels - this is lovely and peaceful at this time of year, with nice restaurants along the beach, and a wide paved walkway. You can cycle along this and cycle paths right by the Olympic Canal ( used for the rowing when the Olympics were held there ) and into the town. We then met Ellie and Jake on the beach, and spent the afternoon with them. Later everyone met up for dinner at a great place run by Argentinians, and as you can imagine the meat was first class - I had Vacio, which turned out to be half a cow on a plate! Delicious, but I was defeated.....
Back to Barcelona the next day, where we went to the Gaudi designed Park Guell, a quite fantastic place with unique architecture and views. The mosaics are stunning, and Caitlin loved running around the walkways and steps. We can't wait to return and see more of the place, and especially all Caitlins relations!!