Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oh no! Rachel has managed to hurt her A/C joint ( her shoulder ) lifting children around at a birthday party at the weekend, so I have been on taxi duty all day....at least she managed to do her gardening for the kids at the after school club in Camp. We bumped into Hugh and Emily there ( with bump - if we didn't say it before , congratulations! ) and Emily gave us the lowdown on the injury, as she'll probably be looking after Rachel for physiotherapy. We have to go off to get it X-rayed today, so let's hope it's not too bad. Busy looking after animals at the moment: Les and Paulines donkeys whilst they enjoy the sun in the Canaries, and Johns dog while he attends the National Ploughing Championships, as well as our ducks, chickens and cat. The youngest ducks all seem to be laying now, so plenty of omelettes and baking!
Well done to the Kerry team for their 5th All Ireland final in a decade as well.

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