Sunday, September 20, 2009

The lovely weather has continued, lucky for Rachel's Mum, Dad and Brother who have been around for a few days ( although they are still convinced that it rains in Ireland the whole time!! ) We tried some of Johns lamb for dinner, delicious, followed by the biggest Blackberry crumble in the world - I did think it would last a couple of days but I didn't count on the Craddocks appetite...the Blackberries have been fantastic this year with the fields and hedgerows full of them.
Good surf this week as well, with a good few out on the water at Dumps and Drainpipes.
Rachel and Laura paid a visit to the Camp Fair on Friday, with Padma, Jago and Caitlin, and they loved seeing all the sheep and horses, although they didn't sample the world famous mutton pies.

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