Saturday, September 26, 2009

A quick update! Rachel hasn't broken anything and her shoulder is feeling much better after a visit to Emilie for physio. We're now into our third week of fine weather, with only a couple of overnight showers and the odd bit of cloud in the mountains. We had a great evening with Andy, Lydia, Mark and Laura, sampling some of Brendans lamb - all very good, roasted with vegetables from the garden, and thanks to Lydia for the delicious crumble and Laura for the naughty chocolate delicacies!!
Had a good surf at Gowlane with Phil today - beautiful warm weather and clean waves. Life is good! Rachel has gone off to a music festival in Blennerville tonight, a new event, so hopefully another good evening.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oh no! Rachel has managed to hurt her A/C joint ( her shoulder ) lifting children around at a birthday party at the weekend, so I have been on taxi duty all least she managed to do her gardening for the kids at the after school club in Camp. We bumped into Hugh and Emily there ( with bump - if we didn't say it before , congratulations! ) and Emily gave us the lowdown on the injury, as she'll probably be looking after Rachel for physiotherapy. We have to go off to get it X-rayed today, so let's hope it's not too bad. Busy looking after animals at the moment: Les and Paulines donkeys whilst they enjoy the sun in the Canaries, and Johns dog while he attends the National Ploughing Championships, as well as our ducks, chickens and cat. The youngest ducks all seem to be laying now, so plenty of omelettes and baking!
Well done to the Kerry team for their 5th All Ireland final in a decade as well.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The lovely weather has continued, lucky for Rachel's Mum, Dad and Brother who have been around for a few days ( although they are still convinced that it rains in Ireland the whole time!! ) We tried some of Johns lamb for dinner, delicious, followed by the biggest Blackberry crumble in the world - I did think it would last a couple of days but I didn't count on the Craddocks appetite...the Blackberries have been fantastic this year with the fields and hedgerows full of them.
Good surf this week as well, with a good few out on the water at Dumps and Drainpipes.
Rachel and Laura paid a visit to the Camp Fair on Friday, with Padma, Jago and Caitlin, and they loved seeing all the sheep and horses, although they didn't sample the world famous mutton pies.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fabulous weather for the last few days, just as the kids are back at school - typical....nice for Ali and John who are staying for a bit, always good to see them. It was a great day for the Dingle marathon and half marathon yesterday, so well done to Mark and Rob on the half marathon, and to Suzanne for the full one, especially as there was a big hill before the end. A lot of the runners said how good the course was with the fantastic scenery. Also must say well done to Adrian who stayed with us the night before the run: he did it in 3 hrs 40, even when he hadn't had much sleep the night before thanks to their lovely little lad!
Today was a great day as well, with a Family Fun day at the Camp creche and the Camp Vintage rally - all the pubs were packed. Off to the beach in the late afternoon sun with all the kids which was great, splashing in the sea and no-one wanted to go home.

Brendan came round with a big box of lamb for the freezer and Caitlin asked what was in the box - when we said it was lamb, she said it was very quiet.......bless...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

An industrious day today: Caitlin has been concentrating hard on painting and Rachel has been busy baking bread ( delicious by the way! ) We also managed to finally get to the bottom of why we were losing water pressure - Gene came out with his mini digger and we dug up about 300 yards of water pipe and then discovered a broken joint right in the middle of a boggy part of the mountain. This was also right by a stream so you could not see any of the water leaking out: I'd walked up and down a few times when the weather had been dry for a long period and couldn't find any leaks - joint fixed and problem solved ! The view is of the rear of Moan Laur from halfway up the mountain.