Monday, August 31, 2009

Some sun and showers with rainbows everywhere you look. Good fun on the windsurfing front with sessions at Fermoyle and Gowlane ( all day yesterday, poor long suffering wife was at home baking lovely bread.....) Missed out on seeing a pod of Dolphins on Sunday who were out in the waves when Paidraig and Phil were surfing, right up close with them ! Caitlin is extremely excited today as it's back to pre-school to see all her friends ( and a little bit of peace and quiet in the mornings! )

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Firstly a big well done to Tris and Imme who managed to walk all the way from Dingle to Camp to stay with us in the most torrential rain we have seen this year! They said it was a bit difficult to tell which was the trail and which was the stream, but at least they were rewarded with a nice evening and sunny days yesterday and today. There was also some decent wind and mast high waves at Gowlane, cross offshore winds as well, but really hard work ( a good few broken masts and sails tell the tale....)
Most important was Caitlin dancing as part of the Michael Jackson tribute for the Rose of Tralee, on the stage at the end of Ashe Street - it was packed!! She did really well, considering she's one of the youngest, and didn't seem to be fazed by the hundreds of onlookers and the loud music. All the little ones looked great in their bumble bee and ladybird outfits. They're doing another performance tonight, and I'll post a little video as soon as I can...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Caitlin has been very happy as her favourite, sweetcorn, has been ripe for a few days now. Rachel has been feeding them so they seem bigger than ever! Everyone seems to be getting a polytunnel now - I gave Andy a hand putting the plastic on his one, just needs Lydia to plant it up. We've had a real mix of weather with some lovely sunshine ( at last ! ) wind, cloud and this morning torrential rain. Here's hoping for an Indian Summer....
We've been enjoying Georgina and Jonathan's company over the last few days: Jonathan is a surfer and got a good day yesterday with some offshore wind and head high waves in Brandon Bay, while we went off to the Community Barbecue in Camp to celebrate raising all the money for the Defibrillator fund.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One of our busiest weeks, with lots of visitors, particularly from France and Spain, trying to escape the heat ( well, that certainly worked as it's been showery here! ) Really enjoyed having Dom, Veronique, Samuel and Quentin from Grenoble stay, a chance to practice a little French, and for Veronique to improve her English.
I must mention our friend Brian McDowell's new online magazine Windsurfer International - it looks fantastic, great pictures and content, well worth a look.
A funny moment from Caitlin tonight, she was at her dance class, practising their number for the Rose of Tralee: when Miss C was supposed to be dancing she was busy admiring and kissing her reflection in the big mirrors at the rear of the stage! Where does she get it from?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Caitlin has been having fun at her Saturday dance class in Tralee, and came home more excited than usual as they are going to be performing during the Rose of Tralee festival. This looks like it involves getting dressed up as a little bumble bee, so more to follow! She also went to Ethan birthday bash the other day and had her hair done in braids by Jatu, and her hair went from neat to curly to bed head in the space of two days. Nicky, Steve, John and Di went home happy after some good weather, and lots of sightseeing - they also enjoyed some lovely food at Sammys at Inch, O'Donnels in Castlegregory and Out of the Blue in Dingle ( and a few glasses of wine! )

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A busy few days with the Bank Holiday weekend and lots of visitors - we also have friends Steve and Nicky staying with their neighbours John and Di - great to see them over here again. Also lucky to have a surf at Kilcummin with Phil and Paidraig, and then a great session windsurfing the following day, with cross offshore wind, and the odd mast high set coming through, very nice. Feeling it a bit today after being out for four hours solid ( also nursing a slight black eye where I was caught by my boom! )
Mikey Clancy was also out with a photographer so he had some nice shots to give you an idea of the conditions.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A bit of drama just down the road as there was a pod of Pilot whales beached at Derrymore Strand and then at Sandy Bay. There was chaos as everyone parked up in Castlegregory for a look - no sign of them yesterday so hopefully they are all back at sea again.
Good news for the community as the target of 8000 euros for the Defribrillator fund was not only reached, but got up to 14000 at the last count!