Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy 50th birthday to John Coakley!! John threw a big party for his birthday yesterday, complete with marquee, all on a 50's theme, with fantastic food, and some great outfits. There was a bit of a last minute rush to get things ready, so we went and helped out a bit, and then had to improvise costumes a bit ( I wore Rachels leather jacket and jeans - a bit tight! ) There were a few Elvises around with outrageous wigs, so we all got to try them on as the evening progressed. There was a collection for John, and this is being put towards a laptop, and as a last minute thought, some chickens! As we didn't have time to get a henhouse organised we just had a guest appearance by two of our chickens, who behaved very well in spite of the noise and crowds. A special mention goes out to Eamonn who you can see in the photo with the two Elvises, dressed up in a wig with two balloons up his t-shirt!

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