Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fantastic - Happy St. Patricks Day for yesterday to all - it was a fabulous day, hot and sunny ( couldn't believe it was still March! ) and Caitlin took part in the parade in Castlegregory. The best green item we could find was an old Ireland football top, but she wasn't too keen on wearing it, until she saw the other kids all dressed up. She then loved every minute of it, sat in the back of a boat being pulled around the village playing her tin whistle. The girls then joined Laura, Padma and Jago, and went to see Clodagh, Georgia and Noah, and off to the playground in Brandon. I was busy making a small pond by the polytunnel so that we have a home for some frogspawn ( to help keep the slugs at bay! ) Actually quite frogspawn any more - more like tadpoles, and Caitlin is completely fascinated by them. We also said goodbye to Angela and Jorge from Cork ( Madrid originally ) who had spent the last three nights here, and really enjoyed the great weather. They were up before dawn each morning to get out to catch the sunrise, and the right light for some photos - see you soon we hope!

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Angela said...

Hi Guys!! Thank you so much for your hospitality during our stay!! Glad to hear that your gorgeous girl had a great time at the parade!!! Best of Luck and Don't change!!You are great!!! Thanks! Angela