Monday, March 30, 2009

We all had a good weekend, with some beautiful sunny weather on Saturday: I was busy making a new strawberry bed out of - yes - an old bed! It was turned upside down, then disguised with some tongue and groove on the outside, and filled with compost and planted. Hopefully we'll get a good crop. Tried to go windsurfing with Mark on Sunday morning, but it was absolutely blasting at Stradbally, so didn't even bother, though Mark had a go - crazy weather. Then had a great time at Mark and Laura's to help celebrate her birthday. The girls all enjoyed a glass ( or two, or was it more????) of sangria, and then the lads took all the kids to the beach, whilst they continued. There may be a fuzzy head or two this morning....Happy Birthday Laura!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Mothers Day to all you mums out there! Caitlin and I made Rachel breakfast in bed - pancakes, honey and fruit with freshly brewed coffee. Caitlin helped make the pancakes and ran out to the garden to pick a daffodil for her mum, and then made her a card. We then went for a walk in the sunshine on Drom beach, with a quick detour to look at Mark and Laura's new allotment: Mark was busy digging, and the soil looked just right for growing. Then it was home to do a bit of gardening ourselves, and I had to replace the radiator on the van ( thanks to Mark for the rad from his old van! )
Oh, and congratulations to the Irish Rugby team for winning the Grand Slam, narrowly beating Wales in a real nail biter.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The tadpoles have been safely released into their pond, much to Caitlin's delight - it looked like they weren't around yesterday, but on closer inspection they were lurking under the rocks. The girls had a lovely afternoon on the beach, as the weather has stayed beautiful, and as usual Caitlin had to remove all her clothes - nature girl!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fantastic - Happy St. Patricks Day for yesterday to all - it was a fabulous day, hot and sunny ( couldn't believe it was still March! ) and Caitlin took part in the parade in Castlegregory. The best green item we could find was an old Ireland football top, but she wasn't too keen on wearing it, until she saw the other kids all dressed up. She then loved every minute of it, sat in the back of a boat being pulled around the village playing her tin whistle. The girls then joined Laura, Padma and Jago, and went to see Clodagh, Georgia and Noah, and off to the playground in Brandon. I was busy making a small pond by the polytunnel so that we have a home for some frogspawn ( to help keep the slugs at bay! ) Actually quite frogspawn any more - more like tadpoles, and Caitlin is completely fascinated by them. We also said goodbye to Angela and Jorge from Cork ( Madrid originally ) who had spent the last three nights here, and really enjoyed the great weather. They were up before dawn each morning to get out to catch the sunrise, and the right light for some photos - see you soon we hope!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Uh oh, now we're in trouble! We have been asking Caitlin if she has learnt any Gaelic at pre-school, which up to now hasn't got much response, though it seems she knows roughly how to count to ten. Now she has started saying 'Bi ciuin!' and 'Ciúnas!' -basically be quiet - that told us. There are some other things we're not too sure about, so we'd better start studying...
More lovely weather here today, especially after yesterday was rough and windy ( even the windsurfing wasn't great. )

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The weather now seems like spring - it's warmer, and everything is starting to sprout, ands the ducks are getting frisky! Strange as only last week there was more snow ( briefly! )We've also started to get a few bookings for B&B, which is great. There's been a couple of windy days as well, so the windsurfing has been good.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Some of you who read the blog may have used the Swansea Cork ferry to travel to Ireland, and there is a campaign going to get it running again - take a look!

Monday, March 2, 2009

We've just said goodbye to Sue and Leanne who came to visit from Plymouth for a few days. Caitlin absolutely loved having them here, and has been asking all day " Where are the girls?" They had good weather, and got to have a good look around the place, and even helped us plant some more vegetables - thanks! We also had a few people for B&B including Jane, who had stayed with us before walking the Dingle Way - she came back to stay before heading back to Tralee, and had a great time, with perfect weather all week. I even managed to get out windsurfing at the weekend ( the first time in about three weeks - it's been very calm ) and had a great session at Gowlane with Phillipe and Nathan.