Monday, February 23, 2009

The weather has now warmed up a lot: the last few days have been really nice, with hardly any rain. We were down on Camp Strand on Sunday, and Caitlin had a great time playing in the rock pools. Gardening has also started in earnest with Broad Beans, Onions, Garlic, Swiss Chard and Cauliflowers already planted. We are also trying the 'no dig' method, where you try and avoid disturbing the soil by digging, and keep the weeds down by mulching or covering the ground ( and by pulling them out! ) We have had to enlist the help of the ducks, as some beds were covered by carpet, so when you take it off, there are loads of worms and slugs, a veritable duck picnic. They seem to be getting the idea as well, a great team! We've also had a few in for B&B, which is great, and we're looking forward to seeing Sue and Leanne from Plymouth at the weekend.

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