Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A productive day today: the sun was shining, so we went out and did a bit in the garden. Cauliflowers were planted, trees were pruned, and the wormery was installed. This is basically a big wooden box filled with leaf mould, soil, compost, and a load of worms! You keep them fed on kitchen waste, and they break it down into lovely rich compost, well, that's the theory anyway. The afternoon was spent clearing trees for firewood - John across the road had some more old Hawthorn cut back: the wood from last year has been keeping us warm all winter so it will be good to keep the wood shed well stocked. There was a good picture of fellow windsurfer Hannes out at Banna in the Irish Independent no less - http://www.independent.ie/weather/wrap-up-theres-a-wave-of-cold-weather-coming-1598776.html

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