Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A big day for Caitlin on Monday as she started pre-school, having moved up from playschool. She was very excited, and then pretty tired afterwards. She also went swimming at the Banna leisure centre with Rachel and Corinne. She hadn't been for a while, and really took to swimming this time, and had a ball. On Tuesday I was helping John out with his sheep - time for the ewes to be scanned to see how many lambs are on the way. This was hard work, as the girls just didn't want to co-operate. The vet is incredibly fast at doing the scan - it just looks like a blur on the screen to me! Anyway, out of about three hundred there were only eleven without lambs, seven are having triplets, and the rest ones or twos. In the evening we went for a quick Guinness at Ashes pub in Camp to celebrate Mairts birthday, quite busy there as it was Little Christmas ( for the hard working ladies to enjoy a night out after the rigours of the festive period ) and also Poker night - serious stuff. Mairt and Una also have chickens, and, up until yesterday, two ducks. Unfortunately, one duck went missing, probably taken by a fox, so the other one was pining for its friend. They decided that we should have her, so one big, fat white duck has joined the crew - she has been christened Lily ( after one of the original ducks. ) The others are not sure what to make of her, as she's the biggest of the lot, and she's also confused as she wants to join the chickens!

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