Sunday, December 7, 2008

The weather has been beautiful this weekend, clear and sunny, so I took Caitlin down to see her friend Padma at Fermoyle. We spent most of the day at Mark and Laura's house: Esther and Nathan were over from England for the weekend, and Nathan and Mark had been surfing - it looked fantastic, but wasn't quite as good as it looked, so I didn't miss out on much! We had a lovely walk along the beach at Fermoyle later in the afternoon, and I don't think Caitlin wanted to go home...Rachel has been helping out in the 3 phone shop in Tralee where her sister, Corinne works, and she was amazed that she could see Venus in the night sky all the way home: it looked so large and bright, although we did miss it passing across the face of the sun the other day, quite a rare event. Sunday was really frosty, our first proper frost of the year, but still managed to pick the last few tomatos from the polytunnel, amazing for December. Also, for reasons best known to themselves, the ducks have decided its time to lay, so we had five duck eggs this morning, so brunch was boiled duck eggs with toasted, buttered soda bread - luxury!

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