Sunday, December 28, 2008

Firstly a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to everyone, with thanks for the many generous gifts - mainly for Caitlin! Christmas seems to have been a blur, with loads of visiting and socialising. Caitlin and I went to Andy and Lydia's for a get together on Tuesday, which almost ended in disaster when I backed the front wheel of the van down a drain! Luckily he had an huge piece of wood and a block on hand, so with a bit of help we levered the van out. We had a great time, and Caitlin was amazed at the size of Andy's Dobermans! On Christmas Eve it was down to Garry and Suzannes place and then on to Mark and Lauras ( briefly as Caitlin was a bit over excited, to put it mildly! ) Christmas Day was bright and sunny, and warm in the sun - I was lucky enough to get out for a surf in lovely conditions at Drainpipes. It was a great session, and nice to see a few people out. Jamie Knox came out on his paddle board, and shouted at everyone to gather round: he had a small bottle of champagne tied to the back of his board - we all had a swig, what a gas!
Then it was off to Corinne and Dans for dinner, beautiful roast duck. Saint Stephens Day saw us join Phil, Tracey, Jess, Molly and Vic at their place, and today we had a walk in the sunshine at Inch with the Brodies and McSweeneys.

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