Sunday, November 30, 2008

We had a great evening round at Gortbrack with Ian and Eileen, who had an early Christmas party as Niamh and Con are off to Costa Rica shortly ( very nice too! ). Cathy and Felix, Lucy, Aoife, Ryan, and Thomas and Claire were also there, and everyone brought some food, so we were really well fed. Ian and Eileens dog, Lola, has just had nine puppies, so they were the centre of attention, and Ian was trying his hardest to get us to take one or two...Thomas and Claire have some land just over the hill from us at Gleann Na Gealt ( the Valley of the Mad, so called because the stream was a source of Lithium, so people used to come to partake of the water! ) and are busy planting for their shop Manna in Tralee. They have about a hundred apple trees on order from Seed Savers, and a lot more woodland and edible varieties to plant: the place should look great quite soon.
The weather has turned cold, with some hail and sleet, but lovely and bright in between: Caherconee looks impressive covered in white. Rachels friend Nicky had four days of good weather with just a few showers in between, so they had a lovely time exploring the peninsula.

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