Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lots of excitement round here as we have had our new kitchen fitted by Pete Woodley, who I know from playing football. He makes handmade wooden kitchens and furniture just outside Castlegregory. Caitlin had to give a hand dismantling the old one, but could only just lift the hammer! It's now just about finished, although I need to do the tiling. It's great to have some more cupboards and workspace, and its really brightened the place up. Caitlin has also had lots of excitement with a Halloween party at playschool ( a lovely photo of her and Molly! ) and also later at Les and Paulines house in Camp. They are always lucky with the weather, as it was a clear and starry night, and I even saw two shooting stars. Party animal Rachel then went to Spillanes on the Maharees for more partying!

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