Sunday, November 30, 2008

We had a great evening round at Gortbrack with Ian and Eileen, who had an early Christmas party as Niamh and Con are off to Costa Rica shortly ( very nice too! ). Cathy and Felix, Lucy, Aoife, Ryan, and Thomas and Claire were also there, and everyone brought some food, so we were really well fed. Ian and Eileens dog, Lola, has just had nine puppies, so they were the centre of attention, and Ian was trying his hardest to get us to take one or two...Thomas and Claire have some land just over the hill from us at Gleann Na Gealt ( the Valley of the Mad, so called because the stream was a source of Lithium, so people used to come to partake of the water! ) and are busy planting for their shop Manna in Tralee. They have about a hundred apple trees on order from Seed Savers, and a lot more woodland and edible varieties to plant: the place should look great quite soon.
The weather has turned cold, with some hail and sleet, but lovely and bright in between: Caherconee looks impressive covered in white. Rachels friend Nicky had four days of good weather with just a few showers in between, so they had a lovely time exploring the peninsula.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Different stuff again - this time I went to check out how the Eco lodges were going at Gortbrack Farm, and was helping Ian prepare for a new reed bed for the lodges. An 8m x 6m area had been dug out which we lined with old carpet, then pond liner, before another layer of carpet which was to be followed by stone, sand and more stone. As soon as we had the liner in a big frog slid down the side, obviously checking out his new home! Then today I was up to my waist ( literally ! ) in the peat bog on the mountain behind Moan Laur B&B as we think there may be a blockage or leak in the water pipe. John and I narrowed it down a bit, but will have to get digging! We still have plenty of water, so no panic...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rachel and Caitlin had a trip to see Circus Siamsa, at Siamsa Tire in Tralee at the weekend. This was a modern circus show hosted by the Fanzini Brothers who sound Italian, but are in fact Irish ( we know Con from surfing! ) They had a great time. Today was varied as usual, helping Jo cut down a big Willow tree in the morning, and then was going surfing with Phil, but ended up helping paint the set for the Castlegregory Panto! We also have the first results from Rachels pottery class, two bowls and three tea light holders - most artistic.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another interesting day, this time I was helping John out doing a bit of archaeology! The best way to describe it was making a polytunnel inside a warehouse, so some ships timbers could be kept at the correct humidity. These were part of a ship found in Dublin Bay, and were being looked at by Eachtra Archaeological Projects This was fascinating, but I'll have to ask the experts a bit more about the history. They did have an aerial picture of Tralee in the warehouse, detailing all the sites they were currently looking at, and it was amazing the number of finds around the area.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The party season continues, at least for Caitlin, who went to two birthday parties yesterday, so, Happy Birthday to Georgia and Hazel! Rachels parents are visiting for a long weekend, so of course the weather has been pretty poor. It was dry and sunny for a few days before they arrived, and is due to improve when they go home. ( Just to prove it here's a picture of C on Fermoyle Strand - she always has to wear shorts on the beach! ) At least there have been some breaks in the rain....

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lots of excitement round here as we have had our new kitchen fitted by Pete Woodley, who I know from playing football. He makes handmade wooden kitchens and furniture just outside Castlegregory. Caitlin had to give a hand dismantling the old one, but could only just lift the hammer! It's now just about finished, although I need to do the tiling. It's great to have some more cupboards and workspace, and its really brightened the place up. Caitlin has also had lots of excitement with a Halloween party at playschool ( a lovely photo of her and Molly! ) and also later at Les and Paulines house in Camp. They are always lucky with the weather, as it was a clear and starry night, and I even saw two shooting stars. Party animal Rachel then went to Spillanes on the Maharees for more partying!