Friday, October 24, 2008

An interesting few days! I rushed off to the beach on Wednesday to go windsurfing after work, and raced out at Stradbally with Gavin for what turned out to be a fantastic session - big waves and plenty of wind, just right, but had to pack up when it got just too dark to see what was going on. On Thursday the rain was torrential, with flooded roads all around the place, and poor old Matthew down in Drom had a flood in his house - I think only the ducks were happy! As usual in County Kerry, things change quite quickly and today was bright and sunny, with just the odd shower. This was handy, as we had Carsten staying with friends Thomas and Christa from Germany. We also have Claudia and Ger staying from Dublin, so they all got to see the place in the sunshine which was great. Carsten is now working on another book on Ireland, so we're looking forward to seeing that.

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