Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Back to the monster vegetable series we found this cabbage that looked like it was about to explode! Still, it tasted good...
Rachel and Caitlin went up to Seed Savers in County Clare the other day: they had great weather and got to sample apples and juice from loads of traditional varieties. They also came back with some interesting seeds, many of them vegetables from years ago. The seeds we have had from them in the past have been really good, nothing like the hybrids of today. The weather has also now got pretty autumnal, and most of this week has been windy - the beaches have been full of visiting windsurfers. Fermoyle was good yesterday, also today, and had the start of a good sail at Shitties, until I broke the downhaul pulley on the bottom of my sail. Board and sail parted company, so I was a bit stuck, until Serge came to my rescue, hanging on to my board as I de-rigged: cheers Serge, I owe you a couple of beers! Also congratulations are due to Mark and Laura who tied the knot yesterday. Good old Mark still managed to get out windsurfing in the morning, AND in the early evening!

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