Monday, October 27, 2008

A big day yesterday as it was our tenth wedding anniversary! This is represented by tin ( or aluminium ) so Rachel bought me a few tin/aluminium presents, each with a little comment. There was a gravy boat ( you're my dream boat ) a set of cookie cutters ( you're a cut above the rest ) and a tiny grater ( you're the gratest! ) very funny! After a quick surfing session with Phil we went of to a Family day at the Seven Hogs, complete with Bouncy Castle, Derek the Magician, and face painting courtesy of Clodagh, which Caitlin loved.

Friday, October 24, 2008

An interesting few days! I rushed off to the beach on Wednesday to go windsurfing after work, and raced out at Stradbally with Gavin for what turned out to be a fantastic session - big waves and plenty of wind, just right, but had to pack up when it got just too dark to see what was going on. On Thursday the rain was torrential, with flooded roads all around the place, and poor old Matthew down in Drom had a flood in his house - I think only the ducks were happy! As usual in County Kerry, things change quite quickly and today was bright and sunny, with just the odd shower. This was handy, as we had Carsten staying with friends Thomas and Christa from Germany. We also have Claudia and Ger staying from Dublin, so they all got to see the place in the sunshine which was great. Carsten is now working on another book on Ireland, so we're looking forward to seeing that.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fantastic! Brendan brought us some Beef from his brothers herd in part exchange for keeping his sheep on our land: steaks, round roast and fillet, so we have been dining royally for a few days. As Rachel doesn't really go for Beef, she has had Bass from Brandon Bay, personally caught by Mark ( thankyou very much! ) which was also delicious. The Bass was a huge hit with Caitlin, who gave us her verdict in the photo. Rachel has been back to her pottery class for the second week, and has apparently made all sorts of artifacts, although I have not seen the evidence yet. The pottery class is also used as an excuse for the girls to go to the pub...poor Gerry forgot his front door keys last night, but soon found the gang in the local - how did he guess?

Friday, October 10, 2008

From the lovely sunny weather we have now returned to Autumn for a day or two. Yesterday was very windy so went for a sail at Dumps, and when the wind switched a bit onshore, went to Stradbally - mad!! The wind gets funnelled down the Conor Pass and I was overpowered on a 3.7m sail. Mark has a few of his windsurfing mates visiting from Norfolk, so they were going for it! It just goes to show how quickly things change as only a week or so ago we were watching some guys gliding in lovely clear, calm weather, and landing at Kilcummin Strand. Had a long chat with one of them from the Kilkenny Gliding Club, who said that they have two weeks in the Autumn were they are allowed to take off and land along Brandon Bay or at Inch. The views from up there must be fantastic...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Another lovely day in County Kerry - clear, bright, sunny and warm. The last few days have been good ( with the exception of Saturday, which was desperate. ) Went for a surf at Stradbally, which was beautiful, and there were even Dolphins playing close by. Rachel and Caitlin joined Laura and Padma for a run around the beach as well, so everyone had a good time. Rachel, Laura and Emily have signed up for a pottery course starting in Castlegregory this week, so we're looking forward to some strange shaped bowls to decorate the place....

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Back to the monster vegetable series we found this cabbage that looked like it was about to explode! Still, it tasted good...
Rachel and Caitlin went up to Seed Savers in County Clare the other day: they had great weather and got to sample apples and juice from loads of traditional varieties. They also came back with some interesting seeds, many of them vegetables from years ago. The seeds we have had from them in the past have been really good, nothing like the hybrids of today. The weather has also now got pretty autumnal, and most of this week has been windy - the beaches have been full of visiting windsurfers. Fermoyle was good yesterday, also today, and had the start of a good sail at Shitties, until I broke the downhaul pulley on the bottom of my sail. Board and sail parted company, so I was a bit stuck, until Serge came to my rescue, hanging on to my board as I de-rigged: cheers Serge, I owe you a couple of beers! Also congratulations are due to Mark and Laura who tied the knot yesterday. Good old Mark still managed to get out windsurfing in the morning, AND in the early evening!