Sunday, September 7, 2008

A mixed bag of weather again! Friday was a bit wet, coldish and there was a strong Northerly blowing, so went for a windsurf at Dumps - not great!! Pretty choppy and no swell, but then Saturday was a beautiful day, so had another go, even though it was very flat. Saturday night was busy, with six guests from Holland and New York: four had been sent up by Mahmood who runs Sammys Restaurant on the beach at Inch - a great location, and always to be relied on for a good meal.
We were even busier on Sunday as it was the Harvest Festival at Kilgobbin Church in Camp. There's always a good turnout, and all the kids got involved bringing up fruit, vegetables, eggs, milk and flowers. Mairt ( the Reverend Hanley! ) does a great job of organising everything, including the Barbeque afterwards at the Community Centre. There were loads of good friends there, so it was good to catch up with everyone. There was also a bit of a jumble and Cake sale, and together with contributions about 600 euro was raised. The lads loaded the remains from the sale into my van to be taken away, so Caitlin thought she was getting a whole heap of toys and books !

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