Monday, September 22, 2008

It looks like the Indian Summer has finally arrived! The last few days have been glorious, so Caitlin and I went for a picnic on Camp Strand on Saturday. She had a great time playing in the rock pools and jumping over the little streams. Even when the sun had gone down the temperature was still around 14 degrees at about half past eight in the evening ( not bad for the end of September! ) On Sunday we went for a walk at Anascaul Lake: the views are lovely, with rocky mountains reflected in the water of the lake. Caitlin would have stayed all day throwing pebbles in the stream. We then had six walkers in for B&B, from Switzerland, England and Canada. They were all really happy with the weather, and it looks set to stay for a week or so...fingers crossed!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The chickens have been hard at it again with one giant egg yesterday! It turned out to contain two yolks, although it did look like it should be more like three...
Rachel and Caitlin had a trip out with the Organic Garden Project at Shanakill in Tralee to the Nano Nagle Centre at Ballygriffin, County Cork. This is a Heritage, Spirituality and Ecology centre run by the Presentation Sisters, and has a large organic garden, also hens, ducks, sheep and cattle, all looked after by the nuns. Rachel said it had a very calm atmosphere, and Caitlin loved it: the weather was perfect too.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We discovered today that Caitlin absolutely loves fresh corn on the cob - the sweetcorn in the polytunnel is now ripe, and after eating quite a lot raw, she then ate a whole one herself, before stealing my one and devouring that.
I also forgot to mention that after Rachels birthday bash we were left with a couple of bottles, and were delighted to find a fine vintage amongst the wine - Nobleman Full Cream British Fortified Wine. Rachel says she is looking forward to a glass or two in the afternoon....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Today we went along to the christening of Anna, Huw and Emilys little one, and then back to their place on the Maharees for a barbeque. The weather wasn't fantastic, with a bit of rain, but Huw had rigged up a canopy over their deck so we all stayed dry. The food and company was excellent, Caitlin didn't stop running around, and we got to meet their relatives from Anglesea and Sweden. We also saw Gerry and Carolines new rough collie, and as Rachel used to have one a few years ago, she now has her heart set on a new pet! Watch this space....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thanks to everyone that came along to Rachels little birthday bash, and for all the food, drink and presents. She was walking around with a big smile on her face all evening: it was great to see everyone. Even the monster courgette made some half decent soup. The kids all seemed to enjoy themselves as well, with no major incidents! Now we just need to find an excuse for another do....

Monday, September 8, 2008

Oops - an unintentional addition to our monster vegetables series! These were supposed to be courgettes, but we left them for a few sunny days and this is the result. Looks like we'll be living off courgette for the next week...
Anyway, today is a date to remember: its Rachels birthday, so Happy Birthday, and also to Tracy too as its hers as well. Another co-incidence is that they are both 25( well, thats what they told me!! ) Some of the girls went out for a meal at the Seven Hogs last night and had a great time, lovely food, a few drinks ( but not too many ) and we have a few people dropping in today - more on that later...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A mixed bag of weather again! Friday was a bit wet, coldish and there was a strong Northerly blowing, so went for a windsurf at Dumps - not great!! Pretty choppy and no swell, but then Saturday was a beautiful day, so had another go, even though it was very flat. Saturday night was busy, with six guests from Holland and New York: four had been sent up by Mahmood who runs Sammys Restaurant on the beach at Inch - a great location, and always to be relied on for a good meal.
We were even busier on Sunday as it was the Harvest Festival at Kilgobbin Church in Camp. There's always a good turnout, and all the kids got involved bringing up fruit, vegetables, eggs, milk and flowers. Mairt ( the Reverend Hanley! ) does a great job of organising everything, including the Barbeque afterwards at the Community Centre. There were loads of good friends there, so it was good to catch up with everyone. There was also a bit of a jumble and Cake sale, and together with contributions about 600 euro was raised. The lads loaded the remains from the sale into my van to be taken away, so Caitlin thought she was getting a whole heap of toys and books !

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

As predicted, the weather has improved as soon as the kids have gone back to school! I wouldn't say it was perfect but we've had some good sunshine with a few showers over the last few days. The photo is a view from the balcony looking up the valley. We managed to do a load in the garden, spreading seaweed over the beds, and having a bit of a tidy up. There has also been some wind! A couple of really good sessions, particularly at Gowlane on Sunday, with lovely head high waves - it was pretty busy though, with a few windsurfers, surfers, body boarders, and stand up paddlers! Its now getting to the time of year when all the windsurfers arrive for wind and waves, so we're starting to see a few familiar visitors at the beach. Rachel and Caitlin are having a couple of days house sitting for Corinne and Dan, so they have a dog, two cats, a lizard and two snakes to look after. Caitlin loves it because it means walking the dog, and generally getting very wet and muddy!