Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Early last week we had one of the worst days rain that we can remember: Newcastle West was flooded, with many shops and houses under water, and diversions through Mallow, where the river had burst its banks. True to form the sun came out at about 7pm and we had a lovely evening! We were really pleased to see Sean, Michelle and Alana with her friend, Becky again, after they visited last year from Northern Ireland. They were lucky with the weather, and had a good few days, spending lots of time on the beach at Inch, horeseriding at Castlegregory, and boat fishing from the Maharees - thanks for the Mackerel and Pollock!
My ongoing battle with the escaping chickens has resulted in the construction of a run for them: they still have plenty of room to roam, but at least now there's a chance that they won't be in the veggie patch. We shall see.....

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