Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We said goodbye to Thomas, Regina and Sarah last night: they had been staying for eight nights, and had enjoyed some fine weather, so were going back to Germany with a good suntan. We won't mention the last day or so, which were wet, and today is dismal!! At least the ducks are happy. We also welcomed Cathy, Rob and Lisa, all the way from Perth, Australia. They kindly bought some gifts from back home - a bookmark made from a eucalyptus leaf, a nice pen with Perth on it ( which Caitlin loved! ) and a tea towel with a great kangaroo logo!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wow, after a few small to medium size potatos, I went to dig some more for dinner, and found this whopper! It weighed in at about one pound - I'm sure there are a lot of bigger tatties out there, but this was our prize winner. Should have entered it for the local show...We have now let the young ducks out to join the rest of the crew, so there was a lot of chasing and quacking going on: they seem to be settling down, but its been keeping the guests amused seeing us running around trying to get them into their shed. The weather has been pretty good most of this week, with some hot sunshine at times. This has been great for everyone in the B&B, and we have had guests from Germany, the USA, Switzerland, South Africa, Holland, Australia and France!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Had a lovely mail yesterday from Evie, who I used to work with a JPMorgan Chase in Bournemouth. She sent some great underwater pictures of their little one, James, who is obviously a real water baby. It was also great to see Andy and Darcy again - they'd just finished walking the Dingle Way, so they filled us in with the details of their travels. The evening was lovely so they went down to the Strand Hotel at Inch for dinner: the view down the beach is impressive, and it was still warm in the sun down there: quite a few were still on the beach. The following morning they gave Wilhelmus and Henrica from Holland the lowdown on their walk, as they had just done the first leg from Tralee out to Camp. Andy and Darcy were just off to Adare, before heading home to Wisconsin - maybe we'll get to visit them one day!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Great excitement today as it was Caitlins third birthday. She was, of course, completely spoilt, with loads of cards and presents. She kept making us laugh as she commented 'Oooh, Granny and Grandad!' after opening each card. We bought her an easel with chalkboard on one side, and whiteboard with magnetic letters and numbers on the other - she was happy just to scribble away, and then rub it all off again. It was her friend Chloe's 4th birthday as well, so they invited the rest of their friends to Toby World in Tralee for a party. Cara had organised a cake, which came complete with an edible photo of Caitlin and Chloe on the front: very impressive, and soon devoured by all. Everyone was so generous with gifts, thankyou all: she was a very happy little girl.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rachel took Caitlin off to a puppet show in Castlegregory this evening, which was part of the Summer Festival. I was left to my own devices, so had to find my own dinner. This didn't turn out too badly - scrambled duck eggs with chives, new potatos, turnip, swiss chard, mange tout, and some baby carrots, followed by strawberries and raspberries, all from the garden! Now if we could just squash some of those grapes......

I have finally got round to putting some stone down on the beds at the front ( but realised I needed loads more! ) Still, its beginning to take shape. Ian at Gortbrack had some spare drainage stone, so I popped up to see him and had a look at their Eco cabins: they look very impressive and are coming on fast.
Lots of visitors again, and this week our first from Mumbai, India: Abhay and Matt from Galway visited with their parents from India and the US of A respectively. We also got a mention in Darcy and Andys travel blog on TravBuddy - it's worth a look, it really made us laugh! We'll catch up with them in a couple of days as they are coming back to stay at the end of their walk around the Dingle Way.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Aaah, the joys of working for an electrician! Have been busy most of the week working with John, and he had a call from someone who said their fuseboard was making a burning smell. We went to take a look, and found that a mouse had crawled across the fuses, and had been well and truly fried! The smell was awful.....
The B&B has been pretty busy as well, and we had a visit from Eoin who runs the Dingleway.net website. It's a really good site, with a description of the trail, and information on some of the B&B's along the way. He's been making a few improvements, so soon there will be more photos, and more information on the various B&B's along the trail. He takes the photos on the website himself: they look very good.