Monday, June 16, 2008

We we're pleased that our friend Madeeha phoned us, and asked if her father, Khalid Rashid, could stay for a couple of nights. Her Mother and Father were visiting to help look after the twins, who are now eight months old. He was our first visitor from Pakistan, Islamabad to be exact, and it was a real pleasure for us to meet him.
Mark phoned on Sunday to say he was going Windsurfing at Inch, so I rushed off down there for a quick blast - the weather was great again, with some small waves, and just the two of us out on the water. Laura was there with Padma and Jago, and her mum Philomena, and I also got to meet Great Auntie Sheila ( known affectionately as GAS I believe! ) Rachel brought Caitlin down for a run around, and of course, she had to rip all her clothes off and get all natural. ( Caitlin, not Rachel...) Corinne and Dan also came down, and then back to ours for Sunday roast ( Organic Chicken from Milltown Market, very nice. )

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