Monday, June 2, 2008

As an update on the fishing trip: Mark, Squinty and I went to see if there was anything in the lobster pots we put down. Pot number one contained two big spider crabs, a brown crab and a conger eel. The conger eel was desperate to escape, and we were hopping around the boat trying to avoid his teeth! We managed to catch him in the end, so on to pot number two, which contained another brown crab, and a bigger conger, who went straight back into the sea. The first one had actually bitten the claws off the crab ( head surgeon Squinty discovered this as he chopped up the eel...) We caught a few more Mackerel for tea, and then tried frying up the eel - it tasted OK, but had too many bones, so the bits went back into the sea. Some sort of justice there as the crabs will probably eat him.

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