Thursday, June 5, 2008

Another good couple of days! On Tuesday I had a great windsurfing session at Goulane; sunny, warm water, cross offshore wind and good waves. Wednesday began with a heavy downpour, but it was warm and sunny again by 10 o'clock, and then a little showery this morning - good for the garden, but sunnier in the afternoon. I went up to Gortbrack Organic Farm today to see Ian and Eileen, who were just back from Bloom in the Park in Dublin. Their garden was really well received, and got a mention in the Irish Sunday Times as being one 'not to miss' and were on The Den, the kids TV show. Best of all they got a silver gilt medal ( Diarmuid Gavins one only got a bronze ) so they were really pleased.
Still on the green front, we have just switched our electrical supplier to Airtricity so our electricity now comes from the wind farms. We also decided a couple of months ago to stop using the tumble drier. We always tried to dry washing on the line, but now if its showery we put stuff in the polytunnel - it dries really fast in there!

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