Saturday, May 24, 2008

We've made a start on tidying up the courtyard at the front of the cottage: this was often a bit scruffy, just covered in screenings ( rough gravel ) which always gets full of weeds. Now we have some beds edged with small tree trunks, which have been filled with compost and some topsoil, and then covered with fleece to keep the weeds down. We're then going to cover it with drainage stone, which is mainly small pebbles, and Rachel will plant the beds. There will be a couple with herbs, and then some grasses, and we should see a big improvement. The chickens came across to help on a few occasions, but were starting to get a bit cheeky as they thought that the table and chairs on the patio was a fine place to roost. We're now getting a couple of eggs a day from them so we won't put them in the pot just yet!

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